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Gabriela Bottani Claros

Gabriela Bottani
PhD Student at Animal Breeding and Genetics Department


I studied Biology at San Simon University in Bolivia, and I got a Master degree in Molecular Biology following a program developed by the same University and Universities from Belgium. As part of my career training I had the opportunity to attend several courses related to Biotechnology techniques applied to both, animal and plant organisms. I made two stays in the International Center of Potato- CIP in Peru, and also in the National University Agraria La Molina, in the same country, where I worked with the Application of Molecular Markers in the Resistance to PVX and PVY in potatoes, and the Application of Molecular Markers in Conservation and Genetic Improvement of Cattle, respectively.

I worked for many years as a Laboratory assistant Head in Molecular Biology laboratories in Private and Government institutions involved in the agricultural field. In parallel I participated in projects financed by FONTAGRO, PIC-CUD, and the Brigham Young University (Provo-USA) between others. My experience has been focus in both, research and teaching activities.


All my teaching experiences have been in my country, Bolivia, where I participated as a teacher in both, private and public Universities, listed below. In all cases I had the opportunity to share my experience in the agricultural and biotechnology fields to undergraduated students.

  • Universidad Mayor de San Simón- Faculty of Sciences and Technology – Career of Biology, Substitute teacher of Biochemistry.
  • Universidad Mayor de San Simón- Faculty of Sciences and Technology, Teacher of General Biology. Course of Leveling
  • Universidad Simón I. Patiño-Facultad de Ciencias Ambientales- Carreer of Bioingineering, Teacher of Cellular and Molecular Biology
  • Escuela Militar de Ingeniería EMI (Engineering Militar -University), Teacher of Biotecnology
  • Escuela Militar de Ingeniería EMI (Engineering Militar -University), Teacher of Vegetal ProductionEscuela Militar de Ingeniería EMI (Engineering Militar -University),Teacher of Microbiology

As a teacher in postgraduate programs:

  • Universidad Mayor de San Simón -  UMSS- Facultad de Ciencias Agrícolas y Pecuarias Martin Cárdenas
  • Maestría en Recursos Fitogenéticos y Biotecnología Vegetal Aplicada.  Master course of Plant Genetic Resources and Applied Plant Biotechnology. Teacher of “Molecular Biology” and Teacher of “Molecular Markers applied to management and Conservation of plant genetic resources”. Years 2011, 2013 and 2014.
  • Universidad Mayor de San Simón -  UMSS- Escuela de Ciencias Forestales ESFOR-Posgrado. Teacher of “MANAGEMENT AND CONSERVATION OF GENETIC FOREST RESOURCES " Year 2013.


The aim of my actual research project is the phenotypic and genetic characterization of  Creole Cattle populations from Bolivia. We are also interested in stablish the genetic relationship between this and other South American Creole populations. During the development of the field work, information related to the production and management system of these populations has been generated.


Experience supervising students in their development of thesis for both, graduate and undergraduated level at San Simon University, Bolivia. Some of them listed below:

  • Master's thesis advisor: "Study of the genetic diversity of six species of potato Bolivian collection using microsatellite markers” (2008-2009)
  • Master's thesis advisor: "F3 progenies of wheat (Triticum aestivum) with desirable agronomic characteristics for cruceños and eastern plains valleys of the department of Santa Cruz " (2009-2011)
  • Master's thesis advisor: "Construction of a core collection of Solanum tuberosum L. subsp. Hawkes andigena preserved in the National Bank of Andean tubers and roots based on morphological and molecular markers” (2009-2011)
  •  Master's thesis advisor: "Morphological and molecular study of genetic diversity of Bolivian wild tomato (Solanum spp.)" (2009-2011)
  •  Master's thesis advisor: "Determination and validation of microsatellite primers for use in conservation and breeding in oca (Oxalis tuberosa Mol.) (2010-2011)


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