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Christian Bengtsson

Christian Bengtsson
Externally employed PhD student at the Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics


Between 2011 and 2015 I studied animal science at the Swedish University of Agriculture. After my master thesis, I started to work at SEGES in Denmark. My main project was to develop an optimal breeding scheme in close connection with Aarhus University and VikingGenetics. I also made genetic analysis on automatic milking system data and was a part of a project about extended lactations. Thereafter, I moved back to Sweden and started to work for VikingGenetics. My main task was to support the Swedish breeding advisers with knowledge about breeding. Daily, I talked to advisers and farmers, bringing the latest breeding research out to the field.

Since I started the university, one of my main goals has been to do a PhD. When I read that SLU was searching for new externally employed PhD students I decided to take the opportunity.  The topic of my PhD project is ”Tinder for cows” - Matching of cow genotypes to control inbreeding and to increase genetic progress, farm profit and food production in Sweden.


The aim of my PhD is to improve matings at the herd level taking into account the benefit of the higher reliability of the GEBV, the knowledge if the female is a carrier of specific haplotypes and the possibility to control the genetic inbreeding for individuals. This development aims to improve the productive performance of the individual cows and increased profitability in milk and beef production.


The project is a collaboration between VikingGenetics, Växa and SLU. It is a part of the industry PhD project LivsID - externally employed doctoral students within food-related research.  


·         VikingGenetics - Breeding supporter and sire analyst

·         SEGES Breeding consultant, Aarhus, Denmark

·         Agronomist, Swedish University of Agriculture

Selected publications

Emphasis on resilience in dairy cattle breeding: Possibilities and consequences:

Mating allocations in Nordic Red Dairy Cattle using genomic information:

Dairy cattle farmers' preferences for different breeding tools:

Association of genomically enhanced and parent average breeding values with cow performance in Nordic dairy cattle:


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