21 May


Soapbox Science 2022 in Uppsala

On 21 May, 2022, CRU will participate in a Soapbox Science event in Uppsala, arranged by SLU and Uppsala University.

The main aim of Soapbox Science is to bring cutting edge science to the public, in an accessible, fun and unintimidating way. The event is organized by U-Share, a project aimed to increase interactions and collaboration between Uppsala University and SLU. 

CRU have two speakers this year: Ida Hallberg (SLU) and Susanne Lager (UU).

More information about Soapbox Science 2022 at U-Share's website.


Time: 2022-05-21
City: Uppsala
Organiser: U-Share
Additional info:

Time and place will be annouced closer to the event. Check the link above.


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