Ecological intensification and the importance of pollinator biodiversity

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Agriculture depends fundamentally on ecosystem services such as pest control and insect pollination, but it is also identified as one of the main drivers of biodiversity decline. Don´t miss this Tamm Seminar by Thijs Fijen, Assistant Professor, Wageningen University.

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To solve this paradox, ecological intensification has been proposed. Ecological intensification aims to convince farmers to actively manage for ecosystem services to maintain high crop yields, while at the same time protecting biodiversity that delivers these services. While the scientific evidence supporting the concept builds up, the uptake by farmers is quite low. In my research I focus on providing convincing arguments for farmers to use ecological intensification, by showing them the relative importance of wild pollinators compared to all the other tools that farmers have to improve crop yield. I will argue that insect pollination is an undervalued agricultural input, and that managing for biodiversity is probably worth our while.

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