Nature through the AI lens: Investigating the uses of automated species identification tools in citizen sciences

Seminar by Minh-Xuan Truong, postdoctor at Depertment of Ecology, SLU.

Automated species identification algorithms are increasingly commonly embedded in ecological citizen science programmes. They complement or replace active individual learning previously done with identification keys or naturalist books. Yet, this mediation by artificial intelligence raises questions about the individual experience of using these tools compared to a traditional naturalist experience that implies a more extensive embodied and cognitive commitment. It also raises the question how environmental knowledge is acquired by the participants and what pro-environmental behavior can result from it. 

During this presentation, I will introduce the research I am carrying out with René van der Wal, focusing on an ongoing work I am conducting based on interviews with scientists in charge of citizen science programmes involving these algorithm-driven identification tools. In these interviews, I ask the scientists about the process of creating their programmes, their motivations for using these algorithms and their thoughts on how they influenced participants’ experience with the programme.

All are most welcome to attend via Zoom: 

Meeting URL: https://slu-se.zoom.us/j/66868268339

Meeting ID:     668 6826 8339

Passcode:        956172


Time: 2021-10-26 13:00
City: Zoom

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