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Room bookings and face-to-face gatherings

Published: 20 August 2021

SLU follows the Public Health Agency's guidelines, some of which have been eased during the summer regarding the maximum number of people allowed in a room, rules on public gatherings, etc.

To clarify how these guidelines affect SLU operations, here are some guiding examples:

Public defences of theses

These are classified as public gatherings, meaning a maximum of 50 people are allowed in the same room. We allow at most 50 per cent occupancy in rooms on SLU’s premises; this limit also affects the number of people allowed in any one room. To accommodate up to 50 people, you need a room that would normally take 100 people.

For any dinners following a defence that takes place on SLU's premises, it is important to keep this in mind:

  • If you rent a room with catering for seated guests, this is classified as a private party and a maximum of 50 people is allowed.
  • If you rent one of SLU's restaurants, the regulations for restaurants apply, meaning a maximum of 8 people at a table. The total number of guests depends on the size of the restaurant.

Read more on the Public Health Agency's website: (in Swedish only)

Sports facilities

SLU follows the Public Health Agency’s guidelines.

Many have asked about Syltanhallen in Ultuna, which is run by a private association, has been closed for bookings during spring. Currently they´re looking at what measures are required to be able to open for bookings while preventing further spread of infection.

Conferences on SLU premises

It is not advisable to arrange conferences on our premises as long as we are required to work from home to the extent possible, i.e. until 15 September. The Government and the Public Health Agency may decide on new restrictions after this date. At present, we cannot give a clear indication as to when external conferences can be arranged again.

Teaching on campus

The instructions for teaching and examination state the order of priority for room bookings. The objective is for all students on degree programmes to have campus-based teaching at least one day a week.

According to the room booking team, there are still slots available to book for on-campus teaching during period 1.

More information is available on the staff web: