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Teresa Johansson

Teresa Johansson
I am currently a research assistant - I have worked in a variety of projects, all focused on cattle welfare and behaviour. 


After working with research animals at the University of Washington I became very interested in animal welfare and behaviour. This led to my decision to study a Master's in Animal Science at SLU. My master thesis was within the ongoing Cow and calf together project at SLU, and with this project my interest in cattle welfare and behaviour grew even more. During the summer 2021, I had the chance to continue working hourly in the project, and since the autumn 2021 I have been a research assistant in the Department of animal breeding and genetics. With this role  I have had the opportunity to work within a few different projects all related to cattle health, welfare and behaviour. 



I am currently working on the project Calm as a Cow, where dairy cattle temperament is the focus. Prior to this I worked within the projects: Precision Livestock Breeding, Virtual Fencing for Grazing Animals, and Cow and Calf Together. 


Master's degree in Animal Science from the Swedish University of Agricultural Science 

Bachelor of Science in Biology and Bachelor of Arts in Swedish from the University of Washington