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New postal address SLU Alnarp

Published: 12 February 2021

PostNord has decided to discontinue the system of mailboxes currently used for the Alnarp area from 1st of March 2021. This decision also means that SLU unfortunately cannot keep the current box addresses or have Alnarp as its postal address.

As we are a government institution, there are also requirements for mail to be distributed every weekday and it does not work if we still have Alnarp as our postal address.

In our discussions with PostNord, we have unfortunately not been heard for our wishes to keep Alnarp as the postal address, they only offer a solution as below, to receive a daily post distribution.

Address for letters and small items:

SLU Alnarp
Department/Section name
Box 190
234 22 Lomma

Forwarding of mail addressed to current boxes is valid for one year.

The mail handling will work in the same way as today, i.e. all incoming mail to the LTV faculty goes via the registrar and is distributed in the afternoon to the respective building.

Mail to other businesses is delivered directly.

Address when ordering larger packages and deliveries via PostNord or other suppliers:

SLU Alnarp
Department/Section name
Street address (e.g. Sundsvägen 6)
234 56 Alnarp

Internal mail

Just as today, internal mail between SLU's departments in Alnarp are sent in the brown internal mail envelopes. Addressing is done by writing the department's or section's name on the envelope.


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