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Marjakangas E.-L., Abrego, N., Grøtan, V., de Lima, R. A. F., Bello, C., Bovendorp, R. S. , Culot, L., Hasui, É., Lima, F., Muylaert, R. L., Niebuhr, B. B., Oliveira, A. A., Augusto Pereira, L., Prado, P. I., Stevens, R. D., Vancine, M. H., Ribeiro, M. C., Galetti, M., and Ovaskainen, O. Fragmented tropical forests lose mutualistic plant–animal interactions. Divers Distrib. 2019;00:1–15.

Kumar, V., De Bels, L., Couck, L., Baruah, K., Bossier, P., and Van den Broeck, W. PirABVP Toxin Binds to Epithelial Cells of the Digestive Tract and Produce Pathognomonic AHPND Lesions in Germ-Free Brine Shrimp. Toxins 2019, 11, 717.

Bartscha, A., Widhalm, B., Leibmand, M., Ermokhina, K., Kumpula, T., Skarin, A., Wilcox, E. J., Jones, B. M., Frost, G. V., Höfler, A., Pointner, G. Feasibility of tundra vegetation height retrieval from Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 data. Remote Sensing of Environment 237 (2020) 111515.

Schenck, J., Müller, C., Djurle, A., Funck Jensen, D., O'Brien, M., Johansen, A., Have Rasmussen, P., and Spörndly, R. Occurrence of filamentous fungi and mycotoxins in wrapped forages in Sweden and Norway and their relation to chemical composition and management. Grass and Forage Science 2019;74:613–625.

Muylaert, R.L.; Sabino-Santos, G.; Prist, P.R.; Oshima, J.E.F.; Niebuhr, B.B.; Sobral-Souza, T.; Oliveira, S.V.; Bovendorp, R.S.; Marshall, J.C.; Hayman, D.T.S.; Ribeiro, M.C. Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Hantavirus Cardiopulmonary Syndrome Transmission Risk in Brazil. Viruses 2019, 11, 1008.

Danielsson, R., Jane, L., Dahlberg, J., Ramin, M., Agenäs, S., Bayat, A.-R., Tapio, I., Hammer, T. and Roslin, T. Compound- and context-dependent effects of antibiotics on greenhouse gas emissions from livestock. 6. R. Soc. open sci.

Mogodiniyai Kasmaei, K., Schlosser, D., Sträuber, H., Kleinsteuber, S. 2019. Does glucose affect the de-esterification of methyl ferulate by Lactobacillus buchneri? In: MicrobiologyOpen

Mogodiniyai Kasmaei, K., and Sundh, J. 2019 Identification of novel putative bacterial feruloyl esterases from anaerobic ecosystems by use of whole-genome shotgun metagenomics and genome binning. In: Frontiers in Microbiology

Ewald, N., Vidakovic, A., Langeland, M., Kiessling, A., Sampels, S., Lalander, C. 2019. Fatty acid composition of the black soldier fly larvae (Hermetia illucens) – possibilities and limitations for modification through diet. Accepted for publication in Waste management.

Kismul, H., Spörndly, E., Höglind, M. & Eriksson, T. 2019. Nighttime pasture access: Comparing the effect of production pasture and exercise paddock on milk production and cow behavior in an automatic milking system. In Journal of Dairy Science. Volume 102, Issue 11, Pages 10423–10438.

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Vidakovic, A., Huyben, D., Sundh, H., Nyman, A., Vielma, J., Passoth, V., Kiessling, A., Lundh, T. Growth performance, nutrient digestibility and intestinal morphology of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss), fed graded levels of the yeasts Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Wickerhamomyces anomalus, Aquaculture Nutrition,

Hinchcliff, J., Powell, A., Langeland, M., Vidakovic, A., Undeland, I., Sundell, K., Eriksson, S.P.  Comparative survival and growth performance of European lobster Homarus gammarus post larvae reared on novel feeds, Aquaculture research

Wagner, L., Gómez-Requeni, P., Moazzami, A.A., Lundh, T., Vidakovic, A., Langeland, M., Kiessling, A. & Pickova, J. (2019) 1H NMR-Based Metabolomics and Lipid Analyses Revealed the Effect of Dietary Replacement of Microbial Extracts or Mussel Meal with Fish Meal to Arctic Charr (Salvelinus alpinus). Fishes, 4, 46.

Gowda, J.H., Thomas Palo, R., Udén, P. Seasonal variation in the nutritional value of woody plants along a natural gradient in Eastern Africa. African Journal of Ecology.

Anna Skarin is co-author to a frontpage article i Animals! https://www.mdpi.com/2076-2615/9/8

Ringmark, S., Skarin, A. & Jansson, A. 2019. Impact of Year-Round Grazing by Horses on Pasture Nutrient Dynamics and the Correlation with Pasture Nutrient Content and Fecal Nutrient Composition. Animals 2019, 9(8), 500;

Campbell, D.L.M., Taylor, P.S., Hernandez, C.E., Stewart, M., Belson, S., Lee, C., 2019. An attention bias test to assess anxiety states in laying hens. PeerJ 7, e7303. 

Nadin, L., Sánchez Chopa, F., Agnelli, L., Trindade, J., Gonda, H. 2019. Effect of sward height on short-term intake by steers grazing winter oat pastures. Livestock Science, 225:8-14. h
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Presto Åkerfeldt, M. & Göransson, L. 2019. Effects of using locally produced protein feed ingredients in low protein diets to single-phase-fed growing-finishing pigs. Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica,

Karlsson, J., Ramin, M., Kass, M., Lindberg, M., and Holtenius, K. Effects of replacing wheat starch with glycerol on methane emissions, milk production, and feed efficiency in dairy cows fed grass silage-based diets. Journal of Dairy Science. 102 (9): 7927-7935.

Speed, J.D.M., Skjelbred, I.A., Barrio, I.C., Martin, M.D., Berteaux, D., Bueno, C.G., Christie, K.S., Forbes, B.F., Forbey, J., Fortin, D., Grytnes, J.A., Hoset, K.S., Lecomte, N., Marteinsdóttir, B., Mosbacher, J.B., Pedersen, A.O., Ravolainen, V., Rees, E.C., Skarin, A., Sokolova, N., Thornhill, A.H., Tombre, I., Soininen, E.M. (2019) Trophic interactions and abiotic factors drive functional and phylogenetic structure of vertebrate herbivore communities across the Arctic tundra biome. Ecography.

Arefaine, H., Rydhmer, L., Andersson, R., Ivarsson, E. Lepidium cake as a feedstuff for pigs (2019). Livestock Science.

Huyben, D., Vidakovic, A., Sundh, H., Sundell, K., Kiessling, A., Lundh, T. (2019). Haematological and intestinal health parameters of rainbow trout are influenced by dietary live yeast and increased water temperature. Fish & Shellfish Immunology, Volume 89, June 2019, Pages 525-536

Presto Åkerfeldt, M., Lindberg, J.E., Göransson, L., Andersson, K., (2019). Effects of reducing dietary content of crude protein and indispensable amino acids on performance and carcass traits of single-phase- and 2-phase-fed growing-finishing pigs.

Wistedt, A., Ridderstråle, Y., Wall, H., and Holm, L., (2019). Age-related changes in the shell gland and duodenum in relation to shell quality and bone strength in commercial laying hen hybrids. Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica 2019 61:14

Sen, S., Terai, A., Sreyrum, P., Lundh, T., Barnes, A. C., Da, C. T. and Kiessling, A., (2019). Growth performance of fry and fingerling Asian Seabass (Lates calcarifer) from Cambodian brood stock reared at different salinities. Livestock Research for Rural Development 31 (3) 2019

Venkatakrishnan, V., Padra, J.T., Sundh, H., Sundell, K., Jin, C., Langeland, M., Carlberg, H., Vidakovic, A., Lundh, T., Karlsson, N.G. & Lindén, S.K. (2019) Exploring the Arctic charr intestinal glycome: evidence for increased N-glycolylneuraminic acid levels and changed host-pathogen interactions in response to inflammation. Journal of Proteome Research.

Kumara, V., Nguyen, D. V., Baruah, K., Bossiera, P., (2019). Probing the mechanism of VPAHPND extracellular proteins toxicity purified from Vibrio parahaemolyticus AHPND strain in germ-free Artemia test system. Aquaculture.

Thu Hang, B. P., Wredle, E., Börjesson, S., Svennersten Sjaunja, K., Dicksved, J., and Duse, A. (2019) High level of multidrug-resistant Escherichia coli in young dairy calves in southern Vietnam. Tropical Animal Health and Production.

Garrido, P., Mårell, A., Öckinger, E., Skarin, A., Jansson, A., and  Thulin, C.-G. (2019) Experimental rewilding enhances grassland functional composition and pollinator habitat use. Journal of Applied Ecology 0: doi: 10.1111/1365-2664.13338

Schenck, J., Djurle, A., Funck Jensen, D., Müller, C., O'Brien, M., and Spörndly, R. 2018. Filamentous fungi in wrapped forages determined with different sampling and culturing methods. In Grass and Forage Science.

Mmanda F.P., Lindberg J. E., Norman Haldén A. and Lundh T. 2019 Mineral content in local feed ingredients used by fish farmers from four different regions in Tanzania. Western Indian Ocean Journal of Marine Science 18 (2) 1-9. https://www.ajol.info/index.php/wiojms/article/view/182758

Monika Johansson, Åse Lundh, Thavananthan Sivananthawerl and Kerstin Svennersten Sjaunja. 2019. Composition and Coagulation Properties of Buffalo Milk Produced Under Swedish Conditions; Changes Taking Place During the First Weeks of Lactation. Dairy and Vet Sci J 14(2): 46-53. DOI: 10.19080/JDVS.2019.14.555885

Vikash Kumar, Suvra Roy, Kartik Baruah, Delphi Van Haver, Francis Impens and Peter Bossier. Environmental conditions steer phenotypic switching in acute hepatopancreatic necrosis disease‐causing Vibrio parahaemolyticus, affecting PirAVP/PirBVP toxins production. Environmental microbiology. Dec 22, 2019. https://doi.org/10.1111/1462-2920.14903

Vidakovic, A., Huyben, D., Sundh, H., Nyman, A., Vielma, J., Passoth, V., Kiessling, A., Lundh, T. (in press) Growth performance, nutrient digestibility and intestinal morphology of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss), fed graded levels of the yeasts Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Wickerhamomyces anomalus, Aquaculture Nutrition, https://doi.org/10.1111/anu.12988

Hinchcliff, J., Powell, A., Langeland, M., Vidakovic, A., Undeland, I., Sundell, K., Eriksson, S.P. (accepted 2019) Comparative survival and growth performance of European lobster Homarus gammarus post larvae reared on novel feeds, Aquaculturre research

Hagos Arefaine, Lotta Rydhmer, Roger Andersson, Emma Ivarsson. Lepidium cake as a feedstuff for pigs (2019). Livestock Science, In Press.
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