Senast ändrad: 28 november 2017

En påminnelse om hur laktosresultat rapporteras från lab

Lactose results reported from HUV:s lab are expressed as lactose monohydrate (molar mass 360.312 compared to 342.30 for lactose). The reason is that lactose monohydrate is stable and is used as a standard by instrument manufacturers and it is a convention among them to truncate it to "lactose" although it is misleading. It has been the case at least since the purchase of our FT120 (in 2003?) and notifications have been sent out on that. It will be included in the heading of the reports for clarity.

From the ratio (360.312/342.30), divide the reported lactose monohydrate by 1.053 if you want to arrive at lactose value.