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SRH Seminar: Filmmaking: Amplifying Gender and Forests

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Most welcome to film screening and discussion with the filmmaker Dr. Purabi Bose, Deputy Chair of CEESP Theme on Governance, Equity and Rights.

Filmmaking: Amplifying Gender and Forests

10:00 - 10:05 Introduction by Gun Lidestav
10:10 Gender and Forestry: two short-films from tribal India by Dr. Purabi Bose
10:20 Screening of the first film, TARA Alpinia nigra (2017, 29 mins)* 
10:50 - 11:05 Q&A
11:05 Introduction to next short film, Abadiat (2018, 22 mins), by Purabi 
11:10 Screening of the second film Abadiat**
11:30 Q&A 
11:50 -12:00 Final remarks by Gun Lidestav.  

 Two short films synopsis

*TARA is a short non-scripted documentary about the minimalistic way of life of indigenous peoples is changing due to the so-called 'development'. The film covers five states of India from diverse landscapes and ethnicity of tribes who are forest-dwellers and hunting-gathering communities. The protagonists are the real life tribal and many of them have never seen a camera before.

Watch trailer at https://vimeo.com/206222340


** ABADIAT (Submission)... the meek shall inherit the land 

is a short ethnographic non-scripted film that takes audience to diverse tribal communities discussing about women's land and forest rights - access to forest resources - and how women are claiming collective rights and struggling with individual land tenure. 

Watch trailer at https://vimeo.com/277333699

For more information about the films please visit www.landingtogether.weebly.com (SLU Umea though has firewall issue). 

It is rare that the voices of the voiceless get any recognition. Landing Together's new short indie documentary films capture the stories of real life protagonists – tribal, Indigenous Peoples and pastoralist communities – stories about their forests and traditional land. Each of the documentary films (20 min each) highlight issues related to extractive resource practices, plantations that replace traditional indigenous techniques of farming due to demand for palm oil, gender disparity in land tenure and forest rights, and how collective forest governance is preferred by tribal communities.

Purabi Bose, Ph.D. is a social and environmental scientist working on diverse forest-based issues and land tenure, climate and energy and gender, particularly with the indigenous communities in South and South East Asia, Latin America and East Africa. Currently she is also becoming a self-taught filmmaker and producing under her self-funded non-profit initiative, Landing Together (see www.landingtogether.weebly.com). She is deputy chair of Theme on Governance, Equity and Rights of CEESP of IUCN, and is part of IUFRO Gender and Forestry working group.

Tid: 2018-10-12 10:00 - 12:00
Ort: Umeå
Lokal: Viken

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