Environmental Certification at SLU Aqua

Last changed: 21 March 2019

Since September 2016 the entire Department of Aquatic Resources are environmentally certified according to the ISO 14001 standard. The departments’ environmental group will keep on going to create action plans to reach our environmental objectives and reduce the departments’ environmental impact.

The two main purposes with an environmental management system are:

  1. Making sure that environmental laws and regulations are followed.
  2. To minimize the negative environmental impact caused by SLU Aqua’s activities.

On this website we will gather all information regarding our ongoing work and all existing documentation.

SLU Aqua’s Environmental Objectives

SLU Aqua’s environmental objectives are worded by the department board. The board works operatively to achieve our environmental objectives and implementing it in our daily work. Follow-up and direction are handled in the same way as other board activities. The environmental work are a natural part of the departments’ ongoing work. The environmental objectives have a natural connection to Aqua’s overarching objectives and are aiming to decrease the negative environmental impact and to emphasize the positive environmental impact.

SLU Aqua’s overarching objective no. 5 relates to environmental objective no. 1-3:

Being and attractive and environment-friendly place of work, research and study environment that contributes to the advancement of the activity and the development and wellbeing of all employees and students.

SLU Aqua’s Environmental Objectives

1. Reducing environmental impact from Energy consumption

  • Reduce energy consumption by 2 % per m2 and employee (by 202o compared to 2015)

2. Reducing CO2 emission from domestic travel

  • CO2 emissions from domestic flights shall decrease by 10 % per year and full time employee by 2020 compared to 2016.
  • Increase the use of videoconferences with 10 % by 2020 compared to 2016.

3. Reducing paper consumption

  • Reduce paper consumption by 10 % and full time employee by 2020 compared to 2017.

SLU Aqua’s overarching objective no. 1 relates to environmental objective no. 4:

Developing new knowledge and deliver advice essential (to advance) for the sustainable use, management and conservation of biological resources and environments in aquatic ecosystems.

4. SLU Aqua’s environmental objectives regarding EMA and education 

4. a) Increase the number of publications by SLU Aqua's EMA work.

All publications produced within SLU Aqua's EMA work shall be registered into SLUpub, and the number of scientific publications should increase yearly by 1 % (data from 2017 as base).

4. b) Environmental objectives for education
Objectives for education at Bachelor's level (from SLU Aqua's operational plan)

  • SLU Aqua should graduate at least 10 degree project students per year.
  • SLU Aqua should have at least 15 registered students per course held by the department. 

Objective for Doctoral education

  • SLU Aqua should graduate an average of 3 students per year between the years 2019 to 2025.

Link to SLU Aqua’s environmental objectives

Established by Noél Holmgren 2019-01-21


SLU Aqua’s Environmental Handbook

The environmental handbook contains all the documents that employees at Aqua need to be aware off regarding environmental questions.

It is a “virtual handbook”, in other words a collection of documents that build the foundation for the Environmental Management System. The environmental handbook has no legal status. The handbook is a guide that explains how the environmental work at the department should work.

The handbook describes the environmental objectives, environmental aspects, important routines regarding environment and emergency preparedness, and who does what at the department. According to the international standard ISO 14001 an environmental handbook has to be established.

Link to the Environmental handbook.

Environmental work and Environmental policy at SLU

SLU’s environmental policy was adopted in 2011. There you can read the following:

"SLU contributes to an ecologically, socially and financially sustainable development.

Environmental thinking and environmental aspects are integrated in all decision-making and are part of all activities within SLU’s organisational units.

The environmental work at SLU is a long-term process which builds on continuous improvement and is based on the environmental regulations in force."

Read more about SLU’s overall environmental work at the Staff Web.

Report non-conformities and improvements

If you have an idea of how our environmental work can be improved, or if you want to call attention to something that does not conform with our procedures, you can report the matter in our reporting system (link below). The purpose of reporting non-conformities or leaving improvement proposals is to counter any shortcomings and errors and to help us to constantly improve our environmental performances. All employees and students can contribute.

Report an environmental matter

Local Contact information

Anne Johansson, Havsfiskelaboratoriet, 010-478 40 26

Maja Reizenstein, Sötvattenslaboratoriet, 010-478 42 40

Erik Karlsson, Kustlaboratoriet, 010-478 41 54


Frida Sundqvist, Environmental coordinator
Department of Aquatic Resources, SLU
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