Welcome Adnan!

Last changed: 24 October 2022
Portrait image of Adnan. Photo.

We would like to welcome Adnan who is a new MSc student working at our department.

Adnan will write his MSc thesis under supervision of Carlos. He will work in the larvae project until 17th April 2023.


From Adnan:

I am Muhammad Adnan Aslam. I am from Pakistan. I studied veterinary science in my bachelor’s degree. I have been granted Swedish Institute Scholarship. Currently, I am studying animal science master’s program at SLU. I am working with Carlos Hernandez on the larvae project. I am interested in the immunological response of live and dry larvae in laying hens. My goal is to do a Ph.D. after my master's degree. I love to socialize. If a random guy says you Hej in the department, that would probably be me J


Carlos Hernandez, Researcher
Department of Animal Nutrition and Management, Division of Management Ruminants, SLU
carlos.hernandez@slu.se, +46 18 671637