The video about protein analysis has over 20,000 views

Last changed: 04 March 2021

HUV's Youtube channel now has over 250 subscribers and it is steadily increasing. Feel free to check out the Youtube channel and subscribe!

When the Corona pandemic started last year, we needed to find a way to cope with mandatory laboratory steps in a digital way. A number of films were created in a fairly short time and based on simple conditions. A year later, we can state that some of these films fulfill a function, as we have received over 20,000 views on the film about protein analysis ... We also receive questions and comments and the number of subscribers is steadily increasing. Students 18-24 years and the country India is at the top among the visitors ...

Quote from Torsten: The protein film - the world's most unexpected success!

A fun twist on something that was really a short-term solution to a problem that arose.


Screenshot from HUV's Youtube channel. Picture.

The most recently published film is "Autumn Harvest of Reeds" (in Swedish) and next in progress is a short film about Heidi's PhD project on feeding reindeer.

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