The war in Ukraine – support for students

Last changed: 01 April 2022

Info from the directors of studies at HUV

We are all strongly affected by the situation in Ukraine, and the board is evaluating how SLU can provide support within our commission.
Our students are affected by the war in different ways, and I want you to be extra observant on their situation and wellbeing. SLU do not register nationality of our students, but we are aware that students from countries involved in the war are present at our university, which can lead both to practical difficulties and to increased unease and stress. The students can also worry about their families that can be directly affected to varying degree, or be feel concerned without direct connections to the war.
The study and career guidance at SLU can be contacted at (Swedish) or (English).
QA about Ukrainian students’ possibilities to study in Sweden can be found here:
Information from SUHF´s task force for immigration:
Kind regards,
Pär Forslund, deputy vice-chancellor with responsibilities for education issues
(English translation by Hanna Eriksson, ISR at HUV)