Keep us updated!

Last changed: 25 May 2022
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If something happens that makes us need to get in touch with you or with your relatives, we need to have information that is up to date.

Everyone should keep their own contact information in Primula updated, where you can also enter contact information for relatives. At the same time, take the opportunity to update the information with us by filling in our template and sending it to Majsan.

When you are traveling, it is also important that we have information about your travel plans, where you live, etc. This is especially important if, for example, the accommodation is not booked through the travel agency. Send your travel plans to

Also remember that we want you to keep each other updated on where you work, or if you are free frpm work, on a course, etc. Post absence notices in Outlook and phone and write on the board outside your door if you will not be present (or ask a colleague in case you forgot).