SLU background pictures in Zoom

Last changed: 22 October 2020

Here is a tip from SLU's picture editor Jenny Svennås-Gillner, on how to upload SLU background picture in Zoom:


Many of you work from home now and I understand that there is a desire for virtual wallpapers in Zoom.

I tried to use our SLU desktop wallpapers (available in 5 colors, same as in Powerpoint) and it works great. Important though, be sure to uncheck "Mirror my video" under Settings / Virtual background.


Download the desktop background images

(I've used 16x9, seems to work best)

Download the zip-file, and extract the files to an appropriate folder on your computer. Open Zoom and click on your initials up in the right corner. Click Settings. Then Virtual Background in the left menu bar.

Click the + sign and browse for your desktop images. You may upload one image at a time. Then just choose your favorite color.