Applications 2022

Last changed: 25 March 2022

Applications for research projects are a recurring activity. Here is a summary of information that the department especially wants to highlight.

During the spring, extra intensive work is underway with research applications.

A number of important points to consider are summarized in a PowerPoint from information in March. Be sure to contact the lab chief Astrid Gumucio for reconciliation of appropriate analyzes that are available, or that need to be made available.

Also make sure to contact project economist Marie Högström well in advance of the application deadline to get help with budget review. Well in advance is normally at least 6-7 working days. Since Formas open call closes on April 21, immediately after Easter, the budget needs to be prepared as early as April 5. With a prepared preliminary budget, it is easier to just make adjustments at the end.

Project budget must be made in SLU Project calculator, an example with a small quick guide has been compiled for the Department.

For budget motivation, we have compiled some ideas, on how you can think when you write it.

The department's other information about research projects can be found on the administrative pages on the Inside.