Prefekt decision on travel policy at HUV

Last changed: 31 January 2023

Prefektbeslut on travel policy at HUV

-always consider alternatives to a travel,
-train is always first choice for domestic travel,
- trains are the first choice for journeys within the Nordic countries, other travel options must be justified,
-everyone should plan their travel according to the decision ladder contained in SLU's guidelines for business travel and meetings,
-employees who choose flights should contact the Head of Department with a justification to obtain approval before booking travel,

In brief: a first step, should always be to consider whether the journey really needs to be made or whether meetings, teaching, etc. can be done digitally. When travel is decided necessary, trains should be the first option. 1st class can be chosen for longer journeys and for night trains. It means a separate compartment and during the day a more undisturbed workplace (the choice of 1st class implies work during the journey).

A potentially more expensive journey by train is not a strong enough reason to choose flights instead. When booking flights (within Sweden after approval by the “prefekt”), everyone is encouraged to see if it is possible to reduce their environmental impact by flying only one way and taking the train the other way or by choosing a route without stopovers if possible. The nearest manager or supervisor should be aware of planned trips.

On 15 January 2021, the Rector decided on SLU's guidelines for business travel. It states that SLU should reduce fossil emissions from air travel by 60% by 2025. This means a reduction on domestic air travel of 90% and international air travel of 50%.


Ewa Wredle, Head of department, +46 18-67 26 99
Department of Animal Nutrition and Management, SLU