Prefekt decision (prefektbeslut) - undergraduate education

Last changed: 31 January 2023
Students in a classroom. Photo.

Decision by the “prefekt” (prefektbeslut) on principles for workload in undergraduate education to set principles for time spent on teaching (undergraduate level), principles apply from 2023, follow up of teaching are done during staff developing and salary reviews.

In brief:

All researchers must be involved in teaching at HUV and minimum levels as following: lecturer ca 20 %, professor ca 10%, researcher’s ca 10%, PhD students 3-5%. PhD student can be more involved in teaching (e.g. course leader from year 2 but with reduced teaching activates their last year. A lecturer should be course leader or examiner of at least a 15hp course per year, or two 7.5 hp courses. PhD students should take the basic course in pedagogics already during year 1 and
If necessary, the teaching assignment may be temporarily smaller, which should be negotiated well in advance, for example if a larger grant is awarded or for other assignments such as ISR (GU/FU).
Motivation: It has been difficult for our “ISR” to find researchers/teachers at HUV who are willing to be responsible and/or examiners for courses for which HUV has the main responsibility. At present, HUV has course responsibility for 23 courses in various programmes. The ISR's work and responsibility to find a course leader and examiner for each course will now be easier. There will also be greater clarity in what we expect from each category of staff.


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