Postdoc to Feed Science partly funded by the VH-faculty

Last changed: 07 April 2020

In February, the VH Faculty decided to make a strategic investment on two postdoc's. The faculty therefore announced financing of 500 000 SEK per postdoc per year. The department at VH could apply for funding for one postdoc, and the remaining funding, as well as project fundin,g should be provided by the department. 

HUV and NJV (Department of Agricultural Research for Northern Sweden) wrote an application together, where a postdoc shall be one year in Uppsala and one year in Umeå - and the project was selected by the Faculty for financing. The project is called Metabolic Microbiology with focus on the identification of microorganisms and enzymes for sustainable and high quality food production within ruminants, and the main applicant is Torsten. Also involved from HUV are Horacio, Rebecca, Johan D, Kamyar and Bengt-Ove. There are also several persons from NJV involved, and Mårten Hetta is responsible at NJV. 

The announcement for a postdoc will be published soon!


Torsten Eriksson, Senior Lecturer
Department of Animal Nutrition and Management, SLU, +46 18 671643