Policy for scientific publishing at SLU

Last changed: 16 September 2020

Vice-chancellor Maria Knutson Wedel has decided on a policy for scientific publishing at SLU. The overarching aim of the policy is to increase dissemination, visibility and usability of SLU’s research, as well as promote publishing in high quality publication channels.

The new SLU policy for scientific publishing starts from demands for accessibility and visibility from the outside world, but also from the need to secure and develop the quality of the university’s publishing.

The policy aims to encourage publishing in qualitative scientific publication channels as well as increase the quality of supportive documents and analyses. The policy also emphasizes the will to publish peer-reviewed articles openly accessible (OA), which also creates favourable conditions for the accessibility, visibility and usability of SLU’s research. It also contains guidelines for affiliation when publishing and the division of responsibility in regards to the SLU publication database.

The policy is at the moment only available in Swedish, English translation is forthcoming.


Kontaktperson: Sara Österman, sara.osterman@slu.se