New Post doc in Aquaculture

Last changed: 21 May 2021

We are happy to introduce and welcome our new postdoctoral research scholar, Dr. Parisa Norouzitallab. She has been working at the Evolutionary Biology Center in the Department of Organismal Biology and Comparative Physiology, Uppsala University, and now will be working partly at HUV.

Parisa is also affiliated with two labs at the Ghent University, Belgium: Lab of Aquaculture & Artemia Reference Center and Lab of Animal Biotechnology and Immunology. With her background on epigenetics, Parisa will be working on both Artemia and rainbow trout focusing on their robustness phenotypes in response to feeding Hsp-inducing compounds. 

Research project: Targeting heat shock protein 70 by Bioactive compounds: A novel approach to induce robustness of rainbow trout for sustainable farming in the light of climate change (funding: FORMAS). ​

​Supervisor: Dr. Kartik Baruah