Elham - Master student in Carlos project

Last changed: 30 June 2023

Elham Tahmasbi Sarvestani is a student who will be doing her MSc thesis working with Carlos Hernandez in the Formas broody hen project.


My name is Elham. I'm from Iran, and I am a master's student of animal science at SLU. I am an animal lover who is passionate to learn new skills and knowledge about animals, especially in regard to improving their welfare. My thesis is about using visual and auditory cues to attract chicks toward resources and improve their welfare for the rest of their lives. I analyze videos of chicks' behavior under the supervision of Dr. Carlos E. Hernandez. I like to continue my education and research in this field to fulfill one of my dreams, which is making a better world for animals and humans.Elham


Carlos Hernandez, Researcher
Department of Animal Nutrition and Management, Division of Management Ruminants, SLU
carlos.hernandez@slu.se, +46 18 671637