News from director of postgraduate studies

Last changed: 02 June 2023

Reporting of activity and support doctoral students.

At the end of each semester, the doctoral students report their activity time to Ladok via Utbildningsservice (Susanna Hallgren). Mailings to all doctoral students will come from Susanna via on 1/6 and the report must be sent to Utbildningsservice no later than 15/6. Check the activity time with the supervisor before reporting it.

How does the digital ISP work?

On March 14, we had Lotta Jäderlund and Christer Enkvist information about how the digital ISP works. The information meeting was recorded and is located as a file in the folder:

smb: //$/HUV/Forskarutbildning/Information Digital ISP. If, after watching the information meeting, you still have questions about the digital ISP, contact the ISP support at

To supervisors

The Swedish Migration Agency (Migrationsverket) has changed the rules for how long a doctoral student's residence permit can be obtained. Instead of up to two years' residence permit at a time, students at the doctoral level can now receive up to four years' residence permit at a time. Read more information about this, in Swedish, at the Swedish Migration Agency

Applying for dissertation?

FUN says the CV of the examination committee may be submitted using the link to the OrcID or personal CV-page to avoid sending in long applications with CV on pdf.

If you are planning a dissertation close to the end or beginning of the semester these rules apply: Thesis defense proceedings/licentiate seminars are held between 15 August and 15 June and registration (“nailing”) takes place between 15 August and 1 July. Exemption from these time limits may be granted by the faculty board. For example, you have to “nail” the thesis before 1 of July if the dissertation is to take place in sometime between 15 of August and 5 of September. More info can be found in the university guidelines for the doctoral education.


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