New scholarship at HUV

Last changed: 07 July 2021
Photo Melania Angellotti

We have a new scholarship at HUV. We greet Melania Angellotti warm welcome to us!

Melania Angellotti will be on her Scholarship at HUV until end of November, working with Rebecca in the Ruminant Nutrition group. Melania ha a master degree in Animal Biotechnology from the University of Bologna. Melania have recently worked as a research assistant at the Molecular Sciences Department of the SLU. Where her main task was in gene expression to investigate the composition of the microorganisms in the anaerobic fermentation as Biogas reactors and rumen.

At HUV Melania will study the effect of seaweed on rumen microbiome with different molecular analysis in relation to mainly H2 and CH4 production. The work is also a collaboration with the department of Molecular Sciences and NJV.

Melania have her room in the “Nils Hansson” corridor!

Welcome to HUV Melania!