New report: Animal welfare in organic animal production – what do we know today?

Last changed: 16 June 2022
Cover of EPOK report Djurvälfärd i ekologisk produktion - vad vet vi idag. Picture.

This report in Swedish, summarizes the latest research on animal welfare in organic animal production. It deals with organic milk and beef production, organic sheep and lamb production, organic pig production and organic egg and broiler production. In summary, it discusses which goal conflicts may arise in organic animal production. The ambition is to provide researchers and advisors an updated insight into what the research need and state of knowledge in the area, but also to increase the insight of decision-makers about what goal conflicts exist in organic animal production and why they occur.

SLU Organic Production and Consumption, Epok, has financed the work on the report. Main author are Torun Wallgren, SLU, Niels Andresen, HIR Skåne AB and Magdalena Åkerfeldt, SLU. The report is based on a compilation of knowledge that was started in 2019 by Magdalena.

Read the report (in Swedish)