New decision by the head

Last changed: 18 January 2023

Decision by the head of dept. (“prefektbeslut”) for additional funding for quality enhancement in master's theses

It is decided to

  • make a temporary extra effort during 2023 to improve the quality of master's theses by giving a possibility of applying for research funding to carry out theses in order to e.g. submit a paper
  • in 2023, provide the possibility of allocating a total of approximately SEK 300,000 to master's projects in order to use savings
  • to give ISR (GU) the mandate to decide which applications  to be awarded extra funding and for what amount.

In summary: From 2023 onwards, supervisors of Master's projects will be offered the opportunity to apply for additional funding for more extensive Master's projects. Applications are handled by HUV's ISR (GU) and can be made in 4 periods during the year. The application must include a description of how the extra grant will be used, with a justification of how this clearly enhances the quality of the work and how it provides an improved basis for future research.
Further details on application dates and procedures are formulated by the departmental directors of studies.


Prefektbeslut om tilläggsanslag för förbättrade forskningsmöjligheter i mastersarbeten (in Swedish)


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Department of Animal Nutrition and Management, SLU