Minutes from HUVs management group April 19

Last changed: 04 May 2023

HUV's ledningsgrupp (management board) meet every sixth week, usually on Tuesdays. The management team consists of the head of Department, deputy head of Department, head of Administration, Director of studies; for undergraduate and postgraduate education, laboratory head, communication officer and a representative for the PhD-students.
At present, Ewa Wredle, Magdalena Åkerfeldt, Johan Karlsson, Mikaela Lindberg, Hanna Eriksson/Cecilia Kronqvist, Astrid Gumucio, Marie Liljeholm and Markos Managos form the management group. Agenda for the meetings is available at HUV Common and minutes at Arbetsplatsen.


Unfortunately the minutes are in Swedish

Here is a brief summary from the minutes from the latest management team meeting ("ledningsgruppen") that was short due to the risk analyses of the new VH organization.

Some was mentioned during the department information May 3 but not said:

  • Two applications received for extra funding for MSc work.
  •  Follow-up from discussion we had on supervision (during the Dept. day in November) will take place end of May at a HUV-fika.  
  • Few applications to Formas this year;
  • Financial result for the first quarter – SEK 881 thousand, which is relatively well in line with budget.
  • Astrid reported on the environmental work:
    • Discussions about roles in the new organization are ongoing
    • Inter-audit during the autumn

Find all minutes from the management board on Arbetsplatsen



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