Internship at HUV

Last changed: 21 September 2021
Portrait of Pierre Detoc. Photo.

Here is a presentation of Pierre who is here on an "internship" and will stay until December. He participates in the project Probiotics for dairy cows, together with Christine Alveblad (degree project), Dannylo Oliveira De Sousa from HMH, Yash and Bengt-Ove.

Hi, my name is Pierre Detoc, I’m 21 years old. I come from France.
I’ll make to diploma the first one in France in ESA in Angers and I got my licence and the second one in Netherland in AERES hogeschool in Dronten and that´s why I’m here. To get this diploma I must make an internship in animal production.

I already worked two years in dairy with two milking robots in Holstein breed. I also did internship in pigs’ production. I like sports (gym, handball, mountain bike and few swimming), culinary gastronomy.
For the future I want to work in animal research or advice farmers for maybe 5 years and after to buy my own farm.

So, now you know who I’m, so AU REVOIR “bye”.