Info about the process with the new VH organization

Last changed: 07 February 2023
VHC building with trees in autumn colors. Photo.

Proposal on new organization of the veterinary and animal science faculty were presented by the Dean at the workshop on February 3. You will find the presentation enclosed (unfortunately all is in Swedish).


a) The working hypothesis is that HUV and HMH (+SCAW) will merge, BVF, AFB and HGEN will merge and UDS + KV merge to bigger institution (Slide no 13).

b) You will find the reasoning behind this proposal on slide no 3 – in brief, prepare ourselves for the future.

c) The time frame is outlined in slide no. 14 – March consultations with all staff at VH (at workshops) to refine the decision, formal decision June 2023, enter into force Jan 2024, the current heads of department will be assigned with the implementation during the next 18 months (until June 2025).

d) Enclosed you will find a SWOT analysis done by all working groups Feb.3 of the proposed change.

SWOT-analysis from group 1

SWOT-analysis from group 2

SWOT-analysis from group 3

SWOT-analysis from group 4

SWOT-analysis from group 5

SWOT-analysis from group 6

SWOT-analysis from group 7

SWOT-analysis from group 8

SWOT-analysis from group 9


e) You will also find our suggestions for FAQ.


If you have questions or thoughts do talk to Ewa.




Ewa Wredle, Head of department, +46 18-67 26 99
Department of Animal Nutrition and Management, SLU