Guest student from Ghent

Last changed: 10 November 2022
Portrait image of Willem Orye. Photo.

We have a visiting student for a month from the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering, Ghent University, Belgium to carry out part of his MSc thesis work at HUV. His name is Willem Orye. Willem is a Master of Science student in Bioengineering: Cell and Gene Biotechnology. His MSc thesis project is on "Shrimp (Artemia franciscana) as an innovative platform for the discovery of anti-microbial and immunostimulatory compounds". Willem is supervised by Prof. Daisy Vanrompay and Prof. Peter Bossier at UGent-Belgium and Dr. Parisa Norouzitallab at SLU-HUV. Please feel free to interact with him. 

Welcome to HUV Willem!