Adnan Aslam vann Global Sustainability Award 2023

Last changed: 18 July 2023

Adnan Aslam, student vid vår institution, har vunnit ”Global Sustainability Award 2023” på Thesis Day vid SLU för sin masteruppsats som en del av larvprojektet.

The title of the thesis is Feeding the Future -Effects of Feeding Black Soldier Fly Larvae on Laying Hens. 
I Adnans handledarledarteam ingår Eva Wattrang som biträdande handledare och Carlos Hernandez som huvudhandledare. Vi är mycket glada över att se Adnans arbete uppmärksammas med denna utmärkelse.

Jury's motivation:
With a captivating pitch about an urgent and very important subject, the jury believes that this particular study tackles more than one big global challenge and contributes not only to a new innovative solution to help increase food production globally, regardless of economic status or scale,
but also to the introduction of crucial alternatives to environmentally detrimental and resource intense feed production with a negative effect on climate change as well as a simple method to combat malnutrition. The study furthermore highlights the solution's full integration into a circular
system. With a 100% jury consensus there was no doubt that the 2023 Global Sustainability Award and the one thesis that the jury unanimously believes will save the world goes to a particular black soldier fly. 


Carlos Hernandez, Researcher
Department of Animal Nutrition and Management, Division of Management Ruminants, SLU, +46 18 671637