Evaluation of Pekjaktsveckan 2022

Last changed: 07 February 2023

Here is a follow-up about the fall's Pekjaktsvecka (2022), a little about the expectations for the week, how it turned out and why...

Before Pekjaktsveckan

Number of answers: 9

Bar chart with expectations before the Pekjaktvecka. Picture.

If you answer Other: Please specify what your plans are

  • Try to prepare as many parts of 2 peks as I can before getting all my data.
  • Bisyssla -veterinär specialistutbildning nötkreatur + arrange veterinary meeting -husdjurssektionens program.



Bar chart of planned time for writing during Pekjaktsveckan. Picture.


What would make it easier for you to write, during the week and in the long run?

  • No running courses, full-time at SLU.
  • Lower workload related to other tasks. 
  • Many things to do makes it hard to clear the whole week for writing even though I want to 
  • If it was on another week - the veterinary meeting is always w. 43
  • Inspiration ...
  • Dedicated time for writing every week and " interruptions" of writing weeks to finish off things or make greater steps forward.
  • Less peaks of high intensity teaching
  • Less "evenly distributed" meetings (in the long run), instead e.g. meeting days and writing days.



Is there anything stopping you from prioritizing more time for scientific publishing?

  • I currently don't have the data I need.
  • As above, the inevitable 'other' high priority tasks and the associated deadlines. Mostly, project management, research, application writing and a ton of meetings. 
  • Many other engagements, however I publish 2-4 papers / year so I manage somehow anyway
  • Administration, teaching, ISR and general overhead activities (including communication with society)
  • Social concerns...
  • Meetings on common issues and administrative things not directly related to own reasrch.  
  • Yes the amount of teaching


After Pekjaktsveckan

Numbe of answers: 20

Bar chart of goals achieved goals Pekjaktsveckan. Picture.

If you answer Other: Please specify what your plans are

Arranging veterinary meeting, course work docent course.

Fokused on reading and editing krims manus except from that timer visit we had. Remaining 3 days vacation. 

This year I had to work on an ethical application and other things during the Pekjakts week. But I think the week is good to have because it high-lights that we should put off time for writing!



If you didn't follow your plan, what was the reason you couldn't do it?

Other meetings 
Some meetings that I needed to attend
Wrong week for me
Other meetings that was needed to be prioritized.


Bar graph of the amount of time spent writing. Picture.



Not so many answers. Of those that filled in the evaluation, this can be summarized:

-       The expectations prior to the Pekjakt week regarding what to focus on, was similar to what was actually performed during the Pekjakt week.

-       It was a bit less time spent on the actual writing during the week, than what was planned for.

-       The reasons for not being able to perform as much writing as expected during the Pekjakt week, seem to be due to teaching, administrative reasons and other meetings that needed to be prioritized.