EAAP in Lyon 2023

Last changed: 13 September 2023

Picture of Markos Mango's presenting at EAAP 2023. Photo.

During the recent EAAP in Lyon 26/8 - 1/9, a total of five PhD students from HUV participated with contributions: Melania Angellotti, Markos Managos, Annica Hansson, Anna Edwardsson Rasmussen and Quentin Lardy.

In addition, Markos Managos won the prize for the best presentation for young researchers in dairy production – the Novus Award! Big congratulations to Markos!



The NOVUS award aims to recognize the excellence in dairy research and innovation carried out by young scientists in the very different fields of application. The award is given by both EAAP and ADSA every year and the EAAP winner is supported by NOVUS International to participate to the following year ADSA Annual Meeting, and vice versa for the ADSA winner.

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Photo: Annica Hansson