Doctoral students and supervisors are encouraged to keep an eye on LADOK

Last changed: 17 December 2020

External supervisors

Ladok is not really built for postgraduate education and there are some shortcomings when it comes to registering external supervisors. SLU has decided not to add external supervisors to IDIS (as they are not employed by SLU) and then they can also not be registered in Ladok. Instead, FUN has been recommended to add external supervisors by using comments in Ladok for the current doctoral student. Thus, if you do not see all supervisors by only looking at the tab with actors, you also need to look in the commentaries. If you discover that supervisors are missing or the list of supervisors is incorrect, contact FUN. 

External courses

Have you as a doctoral student read a doctoral course outside SLU or taken a course before you were accepted as a doctoral student? In that case, the course needs to be approved by FUN to be able to enter it as a postgraduate course in your education. When you (and your supervisor) apply to FUN for your dissertation, you can get the course approved. Many courses are common and are almost always approved by FUN, but if you and your supervisor are more uncertain about whether it will be approved, it is good to apply for advance notice from FUN to avoid being notified at the last minute that you have too few points.

This can be done by submitting this form for doctoral student courses and this form for courses read before admission

When the course is approved by FUN, you must send an email to Utbildningsservice together with a copy of the certificate for the course and information about the approval of the course from FUN. The information about the approval of the course by FUN must be saved by you until you and the supervisor apply for your dissertation and send in the application to FUN.

You can ask Utbildningsservice to enter a course without you having received prior notice from FUN, but then remember that it cannot be included in your education until you have received it approved by FUN.



Anna Skarin,