Decision on the development of the laboratory at HUV

Last changed: 20 April 2023

We now have a decision (in Swedish) by the Head of Department on the development of the laboratory at HUV.

Here a brief summary of the decision:

  • that method development should be primarily driven by researchers but with support from the analytical laboratory,
  • doctoral/post-doctoral students initially  perform analyses included in their project to gain practical knowledge of the different analyses but with the support of the analytical laboratory staff,
  • creating lab stations to facilitate analyses by students, postgraduates and research staff,
  • that the invoicing of analyses changes from being mainly price per sample to a clearer division into labour and material costs,
  • to appoint (ca 10 % of time) and co-finance a researcher to support the analysis laboratory,
  • that research staff submitting samples for analysis should specify the project number and a clear deadline so that the laboratory can plan and carry out analyses and deliver results in a timely manner.