Course requirements for supervision of doctoral students

Last changed: 01 June 2023

A vice-chancellor's decision has been made regarding course requirements for supervision of new doctoral students.

New decision from the Vice chancellor:

that participation in the "Advanced course in research supervision for experienced research supervisors" is required for main supervisors who start supervising a new doctoral student, if it is more than five years since they have completed the advanced course (or "Course in research supervision", formerly called the "Docent course"), and

that an equivalent course at another higher education institution than SLU can be approved by the Faculty Board after consultation with the head of the department within the joint operational support that is responsible for educational development.

Measures resulting from the decision

- Heads of Department are responsible for ensuring that the main supervisors concerned participate in the in-depth course.

- The Division of Learning and Digitalisation is responsible for organising and implementing the in-depth course.

See staff webb for more information.