Computers and secure file storage at HUV

Last changed: 02 June 2021

All employees at HUV should normally have a so-called SLU-computer.

Standard user

Regardless of which SLU-computer you, as a standard user, log on to, it should be familiar, with the same desktop, the same folders, etc.

A special feature for SLU computers is that “My Documents” folders (including my pictures, my music, my videos), Favorites and desktop are attached to a central storage area. This means for you as a user that you should save your files in a structure under My Documents, or in Common.

You should basically never save anything directly on your computer's hard drive (C:) because then you do not have an automatic backup or any opportunity to get your data if your computer crashes or is stolen. In some cases programs require storage locally on your computer's hard disk, in those cases, or if you select to store the files locally, you must arrange for backup yourself.

The IT Department recommends that you, as far as possible use the folders that are synchronized to ensure data quality, i.e. My Documents and Common/Restricted.

When your computer is connected to SLU's network the files will be stored directly on the central storage area. When you work on the computer outside of SLU's network, data is stored temporarily locally and at the next connection content will be synchronized between your computer and the server.

More information is available here (only in Swedish):


General information about storage in Common and Restricted is available here:

Perhaps one of the most useful folders under Common at HUV is the ones that contains all of our current research projects. There is the usually the application, budget, grant decisions, reports, etc..

On Common it is possible/advisable to save the research data, either to store it, or to share it with others at HUV. If you need to store or to share data with people outside HUV, we can look at alternatives such as Teams and SharePoint.

Please contact Johan Karlsson if you have questions or concerns regarding this.


Johan Karlsson, Controller
Department of Animal Nutrition and Management, SLU, +46 18 671690