Keep track on your payroll

Last changed: 01 March 2023

The Department´s routine for the distribution of salary costs has been updated on

You find the updated information under Business Support and Routines.

Firstly, we remind you that everyone has their own responsibility for keeping track of their payroll accounting and that it must be updated during the year. Project managers have an extra responsibility to notify when there are changes in the projects, the same applies to the doctoral students' supervisors who must notify when there are changes in the doctoral students' work.

Secondly, we want the accounting during the year to follow actual time spent in projects and basic training, control and adjustment to be done at least every quarter.

Control can be done on an ongoing basis by looking at your own accounting in Primula, for example by opening an expenditure case and opening accounting and looking at the Employment accounting.

Periodically, accounting lists will be sent to all staff. It is important that these are checked and that any errors are reported back