The bank change for people who are not in Sweden

Last changed: 21 March 2023
Several different currency denominations in green against a white background. Picture.

Before the switch to Swedbank, we have been made aware that there are some employees with foreign accounts who are at URA or work in other countries who will not be in Sweden before the deadline to register accounts with Swedbank. And also new people that haven’t got their Swedish bank account yet.

As there is no possibility to register accounts in foreign banks in any other way than visiting a Swedbank office, the payroll unit at SLU will handle these salaries manually.

The persons need to fill in this form from Swedbank, the same form that they will then use to connect their account with Swedbank. The form should be sent to for manual handling.

It is very important that these people report their account to Swedbank as soon as they are in Sweden the next time. If we have not received this form and no account is specified, the salary will be paid per avi, just as before. The deadline for sending in the form is 230430, but it is good if it comes in as soon as possible so that we know approximately how many people are involved.

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