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Third course period completed!

Published: 23 April 2021

Thank you for a well completed third course period of this academic year!

A special thanks to all those involved, especially course leaders and examiners for your great work!


LB0113 – Agriculture for animal scientists, Rebecca Danielsson/Cecilia Kronqvist

HV0170 – Production biology, Sigrid Agenäs

HV0159 – Aquaculture, poultry and pig production, Markus Langeland, Helena Wall, Magdalena Åkerfeldt

HV0130 and HV0129 – Animal feeding and Animal nutrition, Cecilia Kronqvist


A special thanks also to all other staff involved, for well-done courses!


We really appreciate all the efforts and input you do to make our teaching and courses high qualitative, even though the situation is special at the moment.

Thank you for the engagement that you bring in to HUV and SLU education!