Budget 2021

Last changed: 19 January 2021

During October and November, budget planning for 2021 has been implemented. Subject managers and operations managers, heads of department, project leaders and economists have together reconciled and made estimates of developments for the coming year.

In total, the department has budgeted with a deficit of - SEK 2.5 million for 2020 (- SEK 3.6 million in 2019).

The budgeted result is a combination of internally funded investments, such as department funding for doctoral students and continued development of FTL, and thera is still areas where we currently have low external funding.

Part of the planning is that we will continue to invest in the future, which includes more postdoctoral recruits in 2020. The department is expected to have an opening capital of just under SEK 7 million, which is within SLU's framework for capital. The framework states that one may have saved capital equivalent to a maximum of 10% of turnover, and if any excess capital is paid 10% in capital charge.

Faculty grants are SEK 30.9 million and personnel costs amount to SEK 36.3 million, with a slightly increased workforce of 48 full-year workforce (44.8 last 12-months 2019-11).

From 2019, costs within VHC, previously paid in part by the VH faculty, are entirely at the departments. These costs are distributed with SEK 385,000 on the department overhead, SEK 362,000 on premises and SEK 634,000 connected to lab premises (part on lab direct, part on premises). This affects the income requirements for the lab, as well as indirect costs for department overehed and premises.

The cost for VH's Education Service is estimated at SEK 877,000, which is a marginal reduction.
The total indirect costs (premises and OH) in Research is 59.54%, for basic education it is 69.74%.
More detailed information on budget at the cost center level will be available at the Workplace. A complete budget table, budget commentary and pictures from the budget dialogue with the faculty can be found below.

Budget summary

Budget comment

Budget dialogue


 The department is expected to have 48 people (converted to full-time positions) in 2020.

The grant from the VH faculty amounts to SEK 8.2 million for undergraduate education and SEK 20.5 million for research.

The indirect costs for 2020 is slightly lower than 2019:
Premises 12.94%
Department overhead 26.10%
University overhead 20.5%
TOTAL 59.54% (for research)


Johan Karlsson, Controller
Department of Animal Nutrition and Management, SLU
johan.s.karlsson@slu.se, +46 18 671690