Advice for registering a travel or expenses in Primula

Last changed: 07 September 2022

Everyone registers their own travel and expenses in Primula and there are some points that can be difficult to interpret how to fill in. Here are some common points explained.

The administration needs to receive travel bills/expenses by the 3rd working day of the month at the latest, then payment can be made on salary in the same month. This date is set to have enough time to handle the case in due time before salary payment, as the actual salary run is done barely two weeks before salary payment.

Many fields have explanatory help text that is displayed by clicking on the respective (i).

To facilitate handling, you need to consider the following:

  • Enter the purpose of the expenditure/trip in the box for notes for each expenditure
  • For allowances at courses, conferences, meetings, etc., invitations, programs, invitations must be attached, an email with an agreement is also OK.
  • Do not change information under "Lokalt avtal tjänsteresor" (Local agreement business trips). It is for those who have a special agreement and we do not have that at HUV.
  • Information about meals is a bit difficult to interpret:
    • a mark in the box "Without" = no dietary benefit and is used, for example, when breakfast is included in the hotel price
    • a mark in the box "With" is ticked if you have had breakfast, lunch and/or dinner on any of the days. This also applies if you have had dinner at the hotel.
    • Normally, no selection should be made in the head of the table, instead selection is made per day and type of meal.

For more detailed information, in Swedish, see Representation, gåvor, konferenser samt beloppsgränser | Medarbetarwebben (

  • If your own accommodation on the trip has been arranged free of charge, you must write the number of nights in the box "private accommodation"
  • Attach tickets even when SLU has paid for the trip via invoice
  • Always attach original receipts to expenses (please copy and keep receipts on a piece of paper so that they are kept in the archive).
  • Unfortunately, only the attached files are accessed while the case is open, once it has been paid out, we no longer have access to the files.
  • In the case of outlays, an explanatory note must be made for the outlay option "Other outlays".
  • The expenditure option "Food" is rarely correct, if it is coffee or similar, the option "Easier consumption/Personal care" should be used.
  • For many purchases, the expenditure option "Consumables" is most correct.
  • Additional information can be written in the message box below "Add message".
  • If travel/expenditure is to be invoiced further, a consolidated basis for this must be submitted to HUV administration, often it is a combination of travel via invoice, expenses during the trip and hourly compensation. It is therefore not enough to write it in the travel bill or as a comment on the invoice.

Always report the entire trip. If for some reason you want to reduce compensation, do than in the field "Lower subs. allow.".

Do not hesitate to contact Marianne Lövgren when you have questions about how to register your trips and/or expenses.