Pay by card?

Last changed: 05 February 2021
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Quite often, there are questions about paying for conferences or publishing with card. The Department does not have a general card for payments; therefore, it must be done in some other way.

This means that this type of payment normally has to be made with a private card. You will receive compensation for the outlay by filing an outlay case in Primula and the compensation will be paid out with future salary. In order to be sure of getting the salary on the next salary, the case needs to be registered no later than the 1st weekday of the month.

Debit card with personal payment responsibility

All employees are recommended to apply for one of the cards with personal payment responsibility that SLU can offer. The cards have no annual fees and invoicing is done monthly with 30 days payment time.
The extended payment do you normally have time to get the compensation together with salary payment before the card invoice to be paid.

Read more about the cards on the staff webb (only in Swedish).

Ask for an invoice

In many cases it is possible to receive an invoice for publication or conference, or information for international payment (IBAN / SWIFT). This should be sent to for payment to be made that way. You can always check in Proceedo too see if SLU usually gets an invoice from the organisation. In Proceedo you can choose to see all invoices and search for the current supplier per organisation, for example the American Dairy Science Association (it is often enough to write part of the name).


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