Invoices in Proceedo

Last changed: 18 April 2023

All SLU's invoices are handled for coding and approval in Proceedo. In order for it to be correct, it is important that the person reviewing or approving the invoice is in control. It is also important that the invoices contain our respective invoice references.

Invoices in Proceedo

General info can be found on the Proceedo portal, here are some points that we see as extra important to improve the flow.

The flow in Proceedo is primarily controlled by the invoice reference (650ABC) and then by coding at cost centers and projects.

The principle of invoice processing is that the invoice goes to the person who placed the order for review. The reviewer should check that it is the correct cost center, otherwise correct, enter the correct project and enter an appropriate verification text in the "Purchase relates" box. The advice is to write briefly but clearly what it refers to, because this is the text that will appear in the transaction lists in the accounts. For example, if it is a trip, write your name, date, destination and/or type of meeting. To see attachments and comments, invoice details must be opened.


The reviewer must of course check that the invoice matches what was purchased or the service you agreed on. When traveling, invitations, programs or any form of planning documentation must always be attached. It is also good to attach the agreement you have made, for example when we have an external lecturer in our courses, it is often enough with an email where you have confirmed what applies.

If there is information that is good to send to the administration or final approver, it is good to put it in the field for comment. For example, it can be an explanation to the administration if there are uncertainties about the cost center or project, or if it is the case that the invoice should be divided with others at SLU.

The administration reviews and supplements the invoice with the correct account number, such as Domestic travel or Purchased services, etc. In cases where there is no information or essential documentation in the form of attachments, the administration sends the invoice back for supplementation. Then read what it says in the comment!

When the invoice is accounted for, it goes to the person who is the final approver on each project. Subject managers and project managers shall have the right to approve amounts up to SEK 50,000 per invoice. Amounts above that are passed on to the head of department for final certification. Often it is the same person who is both the reviewer and the approver. Then the invoice goes to the head of department so that the review is always done by two different people.


Orders should normally be made through Proceedo, which means that it is the right person who approves the purchase. Our most common suppliers are procured and then all purchases must be made through Proceedo. For other suppliers, we also send the order via Proceedo, which means that they get the right documentation to be able to send the invoice correctly, the person responsible for the cost approves the purchase itself instead of receiving an invoice afterwards and when the delivery matches the order, normally do not need to handle the invoice. However, this requires that the person who ordered also confirms that we have received the delivery.

Electronic invoice

Since 2019, SLU and all other government agencies have been required by law for suppliers to send electronic invoices.

Electronic invoices reduce processing at SLU by going directly into the system - everything else is an exception that increases SLU's costs.

For all invoices, the invoice reference must be provided. Contact the administration if you are unsure what your invoice reference is.


Johan Karlsson, Controller
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