Doctoral student salary agreement

Last changed: 26 January 2023

The salary for doctoral students is governed by the Doctoral student salary agreement Annually, the agreemens is revised, which affects the salaries of all doctoral students. In addition, the doctoral salary is moved up based on the conditions achieved for each level. Here we describe the routine for making these increases.

Adjustments of PhD salary

PhD student salaries are adjusted both through an annual salary review that takes place centrally and when the doctoral student reaches a new level during the doctoral education.

The Doctoral student salary agreement provide a description of the various steps and how large the increases are.

New routine

A shift in the application of conditions for an increase has taken place from 2021 onwards, mainly it applies to level C, half-time. There is no complete system support for administratively being able to have automatic level increases, which means that the doctoral student and supervisor have a joint responsibility for informing when the next level is reached. Employment time is available in Primula, but there is no link to actual net study time, which is reported separately.

To make it clear, we are now introducing the routine that the doctoral student, together with the supervisors, is responsible for reporting in when it is time for salary adjustment according to the levels in the Doctoral student salary agreement.

Reminders will be sent to the PhD students at least twice a year and with information about the levels and when these increases will take place.

Level A 

The starting level and the first net year of study is at level A with a fixed minimum salary.

Level B 

After one year of net study time, a first level increase is made.

Level C 

After the half-time seminar, the increase must now take place retroactively from the month after the doctoral student has achieved two years of net study time. Previously, it was done based on the date of completed half-term seminar. The salary adjustment may only be made after the half-time seminar has been completed. Often the dates matches, but a reconciliation must be made.

Level D

After three years of net study time, a further increase takes place based on the calculation of net study time.

Level E

After the doctoral degree, there is another increase.