Engine heaters for HUV cars - a short manual

Last changed: 15 March 2023
Engine heater. Photo.

Since SLU is an environmental friendly university, it is advisable to use the engine heaters for our service cars at the Department. Starting up a motor that is not preheated wears both the battery and the engine parts. In addition, the engine releases a large amount of harmful substances and fuel consumption increases. Extra difficult will be if the cars have been on for a long time without being driven. Short runs give the battery poor recovery / upload.

A key to the electric pole is located on each car key. Insert the engine heater cord into the electrical pole, set the time you want to DEPART. The engine is optimally heated at the time you set regardless of outside temperature. Do not forget to unplug the cord before you leave!

  • Press the minus or plus button once to display the last set time.
  • Press the minus or plus button TWO times and hold the button to set the new time you want to go. As you approach your time, release the button and make single presses with the plus or minus button to arrive at the exact correct time. When set, the current time will resume automatically.
  • If you want power immediately when you press, press the plus or minus button for 3 seconds, then you have power for 30 minutes.
  • When power is on, a red dot will light up to the left or right of time depending on the outlet that ejects power.
  • If you want to set the clock (if it is incorrect) press and hold the minus plus plus button until the numbers start flashing. Then set the time with the minus or plus button.

On each side of the power outlet is a ground fault switch. Check that it has not been triggered. If so, simply flip back the gray button.