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Last changed: 27 October 2023
Picture of a gray Volvo diagonally from the front. Photo.

The department has four own service cars that can be booked by the staff, three in Uppsala and one in Umeå. Here you will find information about how they are booked, how they should be taken care of with driving records, refueling etc. We also refer to information about rental cars.

Vehicles at HUV

Our three Department-cars in Uppsala are parked in a carport between house 2 and house 3.

Volvo V70 (LWD 738) – silver/grey, 2015, diesel, manual gearbox.
Volvo V50 (ADR 619) – red, 2007, ethanol, manual gearbox.
Volkswagen e-Golf (UWN392) –silver/grey, 2018, electric car.
The Department also have 2 car trailers.

Our Department minibus in Umeå is parked in the carport.
Nissan Primastar (LST982) - white, 2011, diesel, manual transmission, minibus.
Keys for the car and gate, fuel card (Circle K) and remote control for the gate can be found in a key cabinet in HUV's corridor.

Reservation is made in calendars at Arbetsplatsen.

When booking the car, the start and end time must be stated. If the car is booked for several days, it is important to enter 00:00 - 23:55 for each day in order for the booking to be clearly marked throughout the day.

When booking, you must enter first and last names as well as telephone numbers where you can be reached when using the car. For bookings that apply to persons other than the department's staff, the responsible supervisor and her or his contact details must be provided.

Routines for the Department cars


The Department cars may only be used for mission trips/work, ie. not for private use. For extensive needs, for example, several days in a row, you should book a rental car.
It is the driver who is responsible for the vehicle's performance and any traffic offenses.

Driving records must be filled in, the cars have a folder in each car.

For environmental reasons it is recommended that the electric car, e-Golf, should be the first choice. e-Golf is equipped with alcolock, the unit is placed in the glovebox. See instruction on the Inside.

The car is an electric car and for best use, a review is recommended before use, contact Johan Karlsson for more info.

Check, fault reporting and cleaning

Always take a look around the car when picking it up and leaving it to note any faults, such as low tire pressure. Immediately notify any detected or suspected errors to

Everyone who uses the cars is responsible for ensuring that the cars are always left in a clean condition. You must therefore pick up all material and clean all the rubbish before the car key is submitted to the office.


For refueling of V50 and V70 use the department's card on CircleK, OKQ8 or Preem (in car, code is in key cabinet). There is one extra card in the key cabinet.

The e-Golf (UWN 392) can be charged on publicly available charging stations. In the carport and at Lövsta charging can take place without a card. In the car there are charge cards linked to InCharge, additional information is available on the Inside.

When refueling, fill in the car's driving log. Fill in the meter reading, number of liters and type Diesel, E85, 95 or 98 depending on car/fuel.

Refueling should be done no later than ¼-tank remaining. If you leave the car when it needs to be refueled, put a note on the key so that the person who retrieves the key can bring the refueling card code. Enter your name on the receipt and leave it in the administration's mailbox. If you do not receive a receipt, you shall write a note or send an email to

The V70 (LWD 738) is a diesel car (with protection for wrong fuel) and should only be refilled with regular diesel.

We should not refuel our new Volvo V70 on these fuels:
100% HVO, 100% RME, EcoPar bio, B8 (8% FAME / RME), B30 (30% FAME / RME).100 % HVO, 100 % RME, EcoPar bio, B8 (8 % FAME/RME), B30 (30 % FAME/RME).

The V50 (ADR 619) is an ethanol car and is refueled with ethanol or gasoline, unleaded 98.

To avoid operating disturbances, the recommendation is to only refuel it at manned stations.
If you have to think of a small gas station, you should refuel gasoline, unleaded 98.

Every 5-8 refueling of the V50 should be gasoline, unleaded 98, as the gasoline helps to clean the fuel spreaders. Check this in the driving journal in connection with refueling.


All our cars are fully insured via Kammarkollegiet. Rescue (use of tow truck) is included but see for specific assistance service for the V70 and e-Golf below.

Volvo Assistans

For the Volvo V70 (LWD 738) we have the additional service Volvo Assistans. It applies to product-related shutdowns such as machine breakdown or other technical or electrical fault that is unforeseen and not due to lack of maintenance (follow-up costs such as repairs and spare parts are not replaced). The service also applies, for example, if you lose or lock the car key. You can get help with rectifying faults or transport to the workshop and transport to the home or travel destination and any accommodation etc.
Malfunctions or stops must be reported immediately. Before taking measures, you must have permission from Volvo Assistans. Volvo Assistans is contacted at 020-55 55 66 (or +46 31 51 83 35 abroad).

Paper about this should be in the car's service book.

Volkswagen Car-Net Security & Service

If you experience a motor stop or a failure of any other type along the way, you can quickly get help. You can call for assistance from the car to Volkswagen's customer service.

If the accident occurs so that collision sensor registers that a collision has occurred, data about the car will be transferred and you will, via a voice connection, talk to someone at the customer service to determine further action. In the event of a more serious accident, the Emergency Call service is immediately activated.


Service Ull, usually Johan Strandberg Andersson (Phone: +46 18 671298) or Chafik Chaaban Takeddin (Phone: +46 18 671290), ensures that the cars in Uppsalas get maintenance and that they are washed etc. 
Contact Service Ull for fault reports etc:

Service Umeå takes care of the minibus in Umeå.
Contact Service Umeå for fault reports etc:

It includes:

  • Inspection of car at our request.
  • Annual service at our request.
  • Change of tires autumn and spring at tire hotel Däckia på Teg Ordering time for exterior washing, preferably recurring and scheduled and on the initiative of Service Umeå.
  • Reconditioning at our request.

Engine block heater

Now there are keys to our engine heater sockets on the car keys to V50 and V70. All keys fit all sockets.

Mangage the heater like this:

  • Press the minus or plus button once to display the last set time. After a few seconds, the current time is displayed again automatically.
  • Press TWO times the minus or plus button and hold the button to set the new time you want to go. When you approach your time, release the button and make occasional presses with the plus or minus button to get to exactly the right time. When set, the current time is displayed again automatically.
  • If you want to have power directly when you come, press the plus or minus button for 3 seconds and you have power for 30 minutes.
  • When there is power on, a red dot lights up on the left or right of the time depending on which outlet is outputting power.
  • If you want to set the clock (if it goes wrong) hold the minus and plus button simultaneously until the digits start to flash. Then set the time with the minus or plus button.
  • On each side of the plug sockets there is a ground fault switch. Check that it has not been released. If it has been released, just flip back the grey button. Then you have to check if there is any short circuit in the cord or something wrong in the engine heater itself, the interior heater.

The e-Golf can be preheated when it is connected for charging via the Car-Net app or by setting the time for departure when leaving the car.


In cases where all the department's cars are booked, it may be possible to book a car at KV or VHI-VHC. Contact Johan Karlsson for more info.

In cases where the cars are vacant, other institutions can book the cars. We charge SEK 450 for half day and SEK 650 for full day. For longer journeys, the cost of fuel is added.

Rental cars

If you need a car for a longer period (more than a week) or on longer trips we may need to book a rental car. The rental car agreements include delivery, ie we normally do not have to go to the rental company to pick up and leave the car or minibus.

Current agreements for rental cars can be found on the staff web pages on travel and agreements (only in Swedish).


Using a private car

Use of private car is reported in Primula as car allowance and expenses.
For longer trips (over 150 kilometers), car hire should be chosen before private car for cost reasons.


Johan Karlsson, Controller
Department of Animal Nutrition and Management, SLU, +46 18 671690