Alcohol screening device in the e-Golf

Last changed: 14 November 2022
Alco lock with disposable nozzle. Photo.

The department's electical car (e-Golf) there is a alcohol screening device. Here is an information about how it works.

The e-Golf has an alcohol screening device. To use the car, you will have to blow in an alcohol tester – and then you need a (single use) nozzle. You will find these in the glovebox, back in the car and in a box where the car keys are.

The routines for these nozzles are:

  • When you have used the nozzle, bring it with you and save it until the next time you shall drive the car. You can use them more than once, and you can also boil them when it is needed.
  • If you shall throw away the nozzle, do it in a plastic recycling bin. These recycling bins are not to be found in the car so bring the nozzle with you!
  • Drive carefully!